Find a Location

ATTENTION:  Before you start, print and sign the confidentiality forms from the links below and provide it to your manager. 

LM Confidentiality Form

Click the link to the youtube video you wish to watch.

First interaction:

Second interaction:

Third interaction (therapist):

Fourth interaction:

Bonus Card video: 

When the page loads sign in using the following credentials.

Password: LaVida123!

(You may have to sign out first if you are logged in with a different google account such as your center email.)

Once you are logged in play the video.

After the video ends click the link in the comments below the video.

On the first page of the quiz enter your information

Where it asks you to upload the confidentiality form click the upload button and browse to the location you saved your form to.

Complete the Quiz

Your score will be immediately available and your manager will coach you through any problem areas.