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Thai Massage

Thai Massage - Therapeutic Massages, Yoga Therapay, Traditional Bodywork - LaVida Massage Wellness Center - thaiNative to the country of Thailand, Thai Massage is a very unique form of massage that combines traditional aspects of massage therapy with yoga-like techniques, allowing both the stretching and relaxation of the entire body. While Thai Massage remains one of the most basic branches of Thai Traditional Medicine, or TTM, it has seen a large uprising in Europe and North America since the early 1990's.

Thai Method

According to the Thai Massage School, the methodology associated with Thai Massage will, "[apply] pressure along the energy lines of the body, [use] gentle soothing movement, yogic stretching, rhythmic rocking, [use a] range of motion work, [and] joint compression and decompression."
Guests often compare a Thai Massage session to a yoga workout without having to do any of the work themselves! Therapists and guests form a strong bond in order to form a fluid like transition during the process. Because of their extensive training, therapists move gracefully And seamlessly, transitioning between various positions. The therapist supports the guest both physically and mentally throughout the entire therapeutic process of a Thai Massage.


Unlike a typical table massage, Thai Massage is usually conducted on a padded floor mat so that the therapist can work with the client's body without the possibility of falling. Fluid-like movements are very important during the session, so guests often wear yoga attire or loose clothing instead of being draped in a sheet during the massage. Again, because of the movement and clothing, it also means that, unlike many other forms of traditional massage, no oil is applied to the body.

Energizing the Body

Thai Massage is intended not only to relax but also to re-energize the mind, body, and spirit of the guest. The therapist uses their hands, knees, legs, and feet in order to stretch the body in several different age-old techniques. Because of this, it is often considered more intimate than other traditional forms of massage. Due to this, Thai Massage is generally not recommended for "first time" guests, but rather for those who are already quite familiar with the administration and practice of therapeutic massage. Thai Massage is also not recommended for those who have skin conditions that can be aggravated, anyone who has recently undergone surgery, other serious medical procedures, or for those women who are pregnant.

History and Benefits of Thai Massage

In Thailand, it is called "nuat boran," which translates to "ancient pressure." Thai Massage is a technique so important to the Thai culture that it is recognized and regulated by the Thai government used to treat many different ailments. Aside from "lazy yoga," Thai Massage is also often called "compassion in action." Like more traditional forms of massage, Thai Massage helps to relieve stress and pain, release toxins, and improve motion while increasing resistance to injury. Pain is frequently caused by tension - in the mind and the body. Thai Massage and helps to transform these attributes into healthy, healing relaxation. (LEARN MORE about LaVida Massage Services and Massage Benefits)

Session Length

All LaVida Massage Sessions include five minutes for check in & initial consultation as well as time to undress. For example, a 60-minute custom massage session will consist of five minutes for initial consultation and undressing, 50-minutes of a hands-on custom massage and five minutes for redressing and recommendations. LEARN MORE about LaVida Therapeutic Massage Sessions at Your First Visit.