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Geriatric Massage - Benefits of Therapeutic Massages for the Elderly - LaVida Massage Wellness Center - geriatricThis type of custom massage is designed to accommodate the elderly and uses very gentle touch to deliver all of the therapeutic benefit of therapeutic massage therapy. They are designed for an older, potentially more fragile and less flexible body. LaVida Massage's 'hands- on' techniques achieve maximal results with a minimally harmful approach.
The process may be unfamiliar to some seniors, and they may even feel anxious or uncertain about the prospect of a massage, a Couples Massage might be a great opportunity to share some time together while alleviating any concerns he or she might have about the process, being partially undressed, or even having a familiar set of hands to assist getting up or lying down. LEARN MORE about Chair Massage for those who may have difficulty lying down or prefer to remain fully clothed during a Session
Young or old - every body is different. We recommend that all of our elderly guests consult a physician prior to scheduling a Geriatric Massage. It is also extremely important to share any relevant medical history with your therapist so they understand any physical limitations or conditions that might make specific techniques dangerous or uncomfortable for an older guest. LEARN MORE about Your First Visit


Well executed therapeutic massage from LaVida Massage can do your body a World of Good, and the older people are no exception; arthritis, improved balance & posture, an improved mood, increased mobility and improved blood circulation are only a small handful of the benefits of massage! LEARN MORE about Massage Benefits

Session Length

All LaVida Massage Sessions include five minutes for check in & initial consultation as well as time to undress. For example, a 60-minute custom massage session will consist of five minutes for initial consultation and undressing, 50-minutes of a hands-on custom massage and five minutes for redressing and recommendations. LEARN MORE about LaVida Therapeutic Massage Sessions at Your First Visit.