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Reduced Stress

Reduced Stress from Massage Therapy - LaVida Massage Wellness Center - 5Stress, wear and tear … it's more than just skin deep, and it eventually rears it head in unexpected ways. The daily routine takes its toll on the body, and stress and anxiety often top the list of persistent offenders. The worst part about stress is that persistent feelings of tension or anxiety actually compound the physical symptoms associated with the problem itself! Simply put, stress contributes to the buildup of unwanted acids in the muscles and throughout the entire body. Releasing those acids that build up naturally, but are compounded by stress, in a timely manner keeps the body in good working order. Therapeutic massage assists with the essential function of breaking down and expelling those unnecessary and damaging acids.
Therapeutic massage is one important step toward the elimination of those potentially harmful acids in the body - as well as the alleviation of the very symptoms associated with that acid buildup in the first place. Therapeutic massage helps to dissolve the toxins where they reside through the act of physical stimulation of the muscle and tissue at the source of the problem, thus releasing and filtering off the poisons. The toxins are released and sloughed into the bloodstream where they can be safely transported out of the body like a flowing river to be permanently eliminated through the process of bodily excretion. Massage delivers positive and tangible benefits physically, psychologically, emotionally and even chemically - down to the cellular level. LEARN MORE about how to Boost Your Immune System