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Reduce Heart Rate

Reduce Heart Rate with Massage Therapy - LaVida Massage Wellness Center - 9While most people now understand the dangers associated with high blood pressure, most people don’t understand exactly why it is a health problem. High blood pressure has very few symptoms - you often learn about having it too late, when it attacks. Contrary to popular belief, it afflicts men and women alike and anyone of any age can have high blood pressure. That’s why everyone gets their blood pressure evaluated when they get checked at the doctor and also why it is referred to as the ‘silent killer’.
Therapeutic massage administered by a trained professional therapist is one of many proven methods to combat heart disease by lowering the heart rate. Therapeutic massage can decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure (the numbers you hear at the doctor when they check your heart rate) as well as reducing the hormones in the body that can cause stress. Heart health is a serious matter, and mitigating the risk of serious heart-related issues, including heart attack, stroke and even kidney failure may just be the most important thing you ever do in support of your own healthy body. LEARN MORE about how to Decrease Stress & Anxiety
Make sure your arsenal includes a regular therapeutic massage from a LaVida Massage Center near you as part of your well-rounded health routine.