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Increases Circulation

Increased Circulation from Massage Therapy - LaVida Massage Wellness Center - 1Think of blood circulation as a "human plumbing" system and the very backbone of a healthy body. Without this essential function, it is more difficult for the body to heal itself and prevent illness. Poor circulation can result in a variety of discomforts, including cold and tingling extremities, fatigue and even muscle aches (a result of lactic acid in the muscles).
Improved blood circulation keeps the body in good working order, keeps the muscles functioning as they were designed to do, and even prevents lactic acid buildup in the blood stream. Good circulation delivers oxygen-rich blood to the entire body and assists in the repair of damaged or fatigued muscles. LEARN MORE about Range of Motion & Increased Flexibility
Therapeutic massage helps improve circulation by actively moving blood through the body via manipulation, forcing "new blood" into otherwise low-flow areas. When a trained therapist physically manipulates the body parts, the result is to direct "old blood" and waste away from the vital organs and muscles, improving both bodily function and decreasing blood pressure - and improving the way you feel before, during and after any activity!