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Enhanced Sleep Quality

Enhanced Sleep Quality from Massage Therapy - LaVida Massage Wellness Center - 2Everyone has longed for a decent night's sleep on a restless night. A perfect night's sleep is how humans recharge the internal battery, physically and mentally. For those who do not sleep well or who may be sleep deprived, the daily grind is that much more challenging when the body and mind are not feeling rested or recharged. Irritability, a lack of focus accomplishing simple tasks, and many other symptoms are a result of poor sleep. It is also a vicious cycle; the worse you sleep, the more frustrated you become - and the less likely you are to sleep.
As a proven antidote for stress, massage therapy reduces built-up tension and positively impacts the functions of the muscular, circulatory, nervous and even immune systems simultaneously. Techniques such as friction rubs and muscle flexes are used and, as a result, sleep is greatly improved.
Simply put, adequate rest is one of the foundations of a healthy body and mind, and a key source of your body's energy (more on energy below). Studies now support the fact that inadequate sleep is categorically associated with diseases such as obesity/weight gain, diabetes, heart disease as well as numerous other chronic ailments. The average human body generally requires at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night to adequately stimulate cellular rejuvenation. LEARN MORE about how to Boost Your Immune System
Unfortunately, most people get far less sleep than they need. Depriving the body of sleep means less than optimal function - physically and mentally. Whether it's insomnia, unwillingness to turn out the light or just a crazy-busy schedule, simply adjusting some of your current habits and integrating a regular, therapeutic massage into your healthy routine can greatly improve the quantity and quality of your sleep each night. LEARN MORE about Your First Visit.