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Enhanced Immunity

Enhanced Immunity from Massage Therapy - LaVida Massage Wellness Center - CaptureAn immune system is your body's internal armor against infection and bacteria. When it does not function properly, you become susceptible to breakdown, illness and even disease. The inability to fend off germs leads to the formation of unwanted chemicals in the body, yielding a potentially toxic environment at the cellular level - leaving the body in impending jeopardy. It stands to reason, if the cells don't function properly and the body cannot fend off those intruders, it ceases to operate as it was originally designed - and an improperly functioning body is vulnerable to a variety of issues.
The immune system is what keeps us healthy inside; it is the body's way of fighting off that which contaminates or pollutes the system. When the immune system becomes compromised, the body is more susceptible to illness and break down. It's a fact, people who have higher stress get sick more often, and that can be directly attributed to the health of the immune system.
So how exactly does therapeutic massage aid in maintaining a robust and healthy immune system? Numerous studies have shown that massage administered regularly not only increase the serotonin levels in the brains of the therapeutic massage recipients, but also strengthened the immune systems of those in the trial studies. How do they know? The massage group got sick less frequently than the control study group, and they felt better - complaining of fewer aches and pains day to day!
Therapeutic Massage = Healing Relief for the Whole Body! Keep the immune system in peak performance with the addition of a healthy 'Hands On' policy. LEARN MORE about why it is important to Decrease Stress & Anxiety in your life with therapeutic massage.