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About LaVida Massage Wellness Center
About LaVida Massage Wellness Center - Massage Therapists, Therapeutic Massages, Skin Care Services - Generic___About_PageLaVida Massage provides affordable, convenient and highly customized therapeutic massage and skincare services for you and your entire family. We believe in the tremendous health and wellness benefits of massage and have made it our mission to provide the best services at affordable prices to our guests. Whether seeking to reduce stress, manage pain, improve sleep, lose weight or simply get much-needed relief, massage is a proven, effective, safe and natural means to do so.
LaVida Massage was founded in 2007 in Brighton, Michigan. We started with one location and one singular vision: to provide convenient, customized and affordable access to massage and skin care services. We are proud of our growth and of the services we provide. We believe our growth is in part attributed to North America's increasing demand for affordable and convenient therapeutic massage and skincare services. No longer perceived as a "luxury" service, massage is finally recognized for the real, tangible and proven benefits that regular sessions can offer. It is a proven, time-tested means of improving general health and well-being.
In addition to massage services, many LaVida Massage Centers offer extensive skincare services as well. Far more than a skin-deep beauty enhancement — LaVida Massage Skincare is part of a well-rounded health regimen. Well-maintained skin is your secret weapon against acne and discoloration, aging and unwanted wrinkles. Learn more about the time-tested and positive health attributes associated with massage and healthy skin. Find a LaVida Massage Wellness Center near you!
Experience our professional and experienced team dedicated to providing you with an affordable, convenient and beneficial experience every time you walk through the door. We've perfected and personalized customized therapeutic massage and skincare for you. Now let us prove it to you!