Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage - Therapeutic Rock Massages, Trigger Point Therapy - LaVida Massage Wellness Center - Hot_Stone_Image The Hot Stone Massage is a traditional, age-old technique developed by the Native Americans and has also been widely accepted as a therapeutic practice for many centuries in Asia. Smooth stones are heated in a controlled temperature bath and placed directly on the body. Aches and pains are soothed as muscles and joints receive direct, transferred heat of the warm stones. The temperature of the stones remains constant between 122-127 degrees Fahrenheit, which allowing for just enough heat to relax the entire body while warming tight muscles. As the muscles warm up, they can be more easily manipulated and massaged by a trained, certified therapist. At LaVida Massage, our trained and licensed professionals have the knowledge to ensure that all of our guests receive proper, safe care when receiving a Hot Stone Massage. 


The therapist will often place the hot stones along the spine and back or simply hold the stones in their hands in order to manipulate problematic areas of the body – more often, a combination of both techniques will occur.