Body Waxing/Hair Removal

Body Waxing - Brazilian Bikini Wax, Hair Removal for Men and Women - LaVida Massage Wellness Center - waxingProfessional Waxing by a trained esthetician simply cannot be compared to at-home hair removal products, which in some cases put consumers at risk of misuse or even injury. Professional Waxing Services from LaVida Massage offer treatments and procedures not available at home, and can easily access areas that are hard to reach (arms, back, stomach, and the bikini area).
When one receives a Professional Wax, they can be assured that the esthetician has gone through extensive training in order to provide the best care. While the process can be incredibly intimate and thus intimidating, a LaVida MassageWellness Center guest can abandon any fears as the therapist is a trained and consummate professional; the relationship is not only completely confidential, it is utterly discreet.

Waxing … is it worth the cost?

While cost is something many take into consideration when deciding whether or not to pursue professional Waxing Services, consider that at-home products do not use the type of powerful, professional products offered by your local LaVida Massage Wellness Center. As a result, an individual may end up having to repeat the waxing process more often, thus incurring greater expense as well as the time commitment associated with waxing. Professional waxing results simply last longer! In addition, there is a diminished risk of any sort of complications that may arise in conjunction with the procedure if the service is administered by a professional from a LaVida Massage Wellness Center. These are often overlooked considerations, but should not be taken for granted.

What to Expect

To begin, the esthetician will consult with the guest discussing which areas are to be waxed and addressing any concerns or questions. The therapist will exit the room, allowing the guest to change into a gown.
Once the esthetician returns to the room, he or she will begin to apply a thin layer of a specially formulated wax to the designated area, and then drape a thin, paper-like cloth to cover the wax. When the wax has affixed to the hair, the cloth is quickly removed in the same direction as the hair grows. This simple process is repeated until all of the hair in the area treatment is removed. With the guest's permission, the esthetician will complete the procedure by applying a Comfort Cream in order to prevent any irritation that may occur as a result of the waxing process.

Session Length

Session length will vary depending upon the specific personalized services you receive.