Aromatherapy - Essential Oils, Therapeutic Massage, Natural Therapy - LaVida Massage Wellness Center - lvm_msg-pg_armthrp-lemon_396x264Essential Oils/Aromatherapy can be added as an accompaniment to any therapeutic massage, providing a guest with a highly enjoyable and beneficial enhancement to any session from a LaVida Massage Center. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants for healing. Although the word makes it sound as if the oils are only inhaled, they can also be massaged into the skin. Whether inhaled or applied on the skin, essential oils are gaining new attention as an alternative treatment for infections, stress, and other health problems. While there are several different methods, aromatherapy accesses and cultivates the unique qualities of different essential oils in order to help relax the mind, body, and soul during a LaVida Massage Session. There is nothing contrived or artificial about aromatherapy; everything used in the process comes from a natural resource, and the rejuvenating effects of Aromatherapy cannot be dismissed. Smell correlates most strongly to the human sense of taste, can benefit those with asthma or breathing problems, and has been clinically proven to activate the most obscure human memories; the power of smell is mysterious and highly beneficial!

Essential Oils

Included is a list of LaVida Massage Essential Oils and the benefits associated with each:

We also offer our LaVida Massage custom blends:

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Applying the Methodology

One of the most common and effective applications is the direct inhalation method. What makes this application so beneficial is that the client does not have to worry about an inadequate amount of essential oils being released by aerial diffusion - also referred to as environmental fragrance. During the direct inhalation method, the therapist will place the correct and measured amount of Essential Oil on a cotton ball or tissue that is then placed under the face cradle (during a Massage Session). This is especially popular for Essential Oils that are intended to assist with respiratory or sinus ailments as well as the psychological benefits of a good smell! It is important to be very careful while practicing this application if you have a history of nasal problems or allergies.
Another common practice is to mix the oil into the guest's massage lotion and apply the mixture topically. Because some oils are powerful enough to burn the skin, this sort of topical application is not available for all essential oils. Please consult your therapist if you have questions about how to best utilize Essential Oils and Aromatherapy during your Session.

The Benefits

Some of the benefits of Essential Oils/Aromatherapy include: assistance regulating both male & female hormones, relief of menstrual cramps, stimulation of the Immune System, a decrease in congestion, relief of tension headaches, Improved Energy, relaxation of muscles, reduction of inflammation, improved sleep, aiding digestion, and improving blood circulation. Of course, the recipe and method of application will differ to achieve different outcome and benefit.

Finding the right Blend

Identifying the right blend of essential oils allows for the maximum benefit and fragrant composition during your Essential Oil/Aromatherapy enhancement. They smell great and the blend can literally amplify the positive effects of a guest's therapy and session! Our skilled therapists will help to identify the prefect blend that works for our guests and meets all of their needs. Aromatherapy is considered a craft and requires training and years of experience to perfect. What better way to put a guest at ease, relax, improve the mood or even help to provide a better night's sleep than utilizing the positive effects of Aromatherapy. LEARN MORE about Your Body on Massage